Roulette Grand Jeu

roulette-grand-jeu-6-players6 or 10 players


Roulette Grand Jeu Prestige, the perfect combination of a classic roulette, state of the art technology, player comfort, maximum security and elegant design.

The Roulette Grand Jeu Prestige enables players to participate in a live Roulette Game from the privacy and comfort of individual video terminals. Thanks to the drag & drop betting system, betting is as easy as on a classic Roulette table. The ergonomic design allows players to enjoy the game in comfort with a full view of the wheel at all times. Different design variations as well as roulette wheels with one zero and double zero are available to meet the various requirements dictated by each casino’s floor space and floor design.

Standard Configuration

  • PC system
  • 19’’ Flat Monitor
  • Touch Screen
  • Bill Validator with Stacker
  • Chipcard Reader
  • Multi Sensor Technology
  • High Security System management
  • Book Keeping with 5 independent levels


  • Corona
  • Electronic Coin Mech
  • Up to 2 Hoppers
  • Ticket Printer
  • AMCS (Amatic Media Control System)


roulette-grand-jeu-3 roulette-grand-jeu roulette-grand-jeu-2