Roulette R8TS

Eight roulette with touchscreen

A perfect mix of classic Roulette and modern computer technology


  • R8TS-Roulette-fullGLI Certified
  • 19” Touch Screen Monitors
  • Touchpads
  • JCM UBA Bill Acceptors
  • Fully Automated Wheel

Fully automatic machine

  • The device is fully automatic - no operator involvement in the game.
  • In all phases of the game the roulette controls the tape - accepts bets, runs the ball, close the bets and pays the wins
  • Control in your hands

A separate monitor and keyboard connected to your computer roulette Alfastreet allows you to view the last 300 games, the players bet, credits, and some more information.

Equipment on order

Many options for Alfastreet roulette can be added on request.


  • Roulette wheel is covered with glass to prevent access to the players.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies installed, which allow the roulette to continue working a few minutes after a power loss, and protect against power fluctuations.

Place your bets

  • Each player has its own gaming keyboard or touchscreen for rates. You simply select a field on which you want to bet on.
  • X1 and X10 buttons you put on 1 or 10 credits in this field. Each press of the button increases your bet by a corresponding amount.
  • If you change your mind, simply press the red cancel button.

On screen information

On the Alfastreet roulette, you're sitting right in front of the screen. You always see how many credits you have left, how much you bet and how much you received in the current game. You can also see the last 8 winning numbers.

As a real croupier roulette Alfastreet says when opening and closing rates and announces the winning number.


R8TS-Roulette-Game R8TS-Roulette-Zoom

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